A Tap Takeover in Kelowna, BC

by Rob Trent

I’m not Irish, nor do I pretend to be on March 17. In fact, I like to stay home on this day rather than support some pseudo-holiday designed to promote the drinking of shitty green beer.

Train Station pub and Tree Brewing

Tree Brewing’s Tap Takeover included the RAW Unfiltered IPA.

Enter Tree Brewing, the Train Station Pub and you have an event that took place on March 17, 2014 in Kelowna, BC that made it worth my time to venture to the pub and enjoy some craft beer.

Tree Brewing took over all ten taps at The Train Station Pub and also brought in a keg of Peat Smoked Red Ale. Taps also included some specialty beers never before served in Kelowna including RAW IPA and Serendipity #8.

Tree Brewing Tap Takeover

The Train Station Pub served up 11 Tree Brewing Beers on March 17, 2014

Tree Brewing opens their Tree Beer Institute later this Spring in the Delta Grand hotel and The Train Station Pub is one of a handful of craft beer hotspots in Kelowna, BC.

Craft Beer Asia Experiences Singapore’s Brewpubs During Beerfest Asia 2013

Craft Beer Asia | Suds Craft:

Our review of Singapore’s Brewpubs from our June Trip to Beerfest Asia representing Craft Beer Asia.

Originally posted on Craft Beer Asia:

Craft Beer Asia was privileged to attend Beerfest Asia in June of 2013. While we were not revelling at the festival site, we toured a few of Singapore’s brewpubs who are putting the Craft into Craft Beer and leading the way in Asia.

Brewerkz at Riverside Point was a very North American Style brewpub offering a number of fantastic in-house craft beers and a few guest taps including Singapore’s Jungle Brewing. The large patio was a great spot to people watch and relax on a sultry tropical afternoon. The Double IPA was also very very good!

Singapore Craft Beer at Brewerkz Brewpub

Brewerkz Brewpub in Singapore is located at Riverside Point and offers fantastic craft beer and a wonderful patio setting.

A short stroll along the boardwalk towards downtown Singapore brings you to Red Dot Brewhouse. Located right on the water at Boat Quay and offering a cozy patio, Red Dot Brewhouse offers up some…

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Smack Dab, Crafting a Better Lakeside Patio Beer Experience in Kelowna, BC

When it comes to sipping BC produced beverages on a patio in the Okanagan, one generally thinks of wine, but not at Smack Dab at Manteo! Smack dab in the middle of BC’s wine country is one of Kelowna’s premier craft beer spots.

Located at Manteo Resort, Smack Dab is a Gastro Pub offering incredibly delicious foods and a set of twelve craft beer taps representing some of BC Interior’s (and other Pacific NW) craft beer offerings.

Smack Dab Manteo's Craft Beer Taps
One of the finest set of craft beer taps in the BC Interior located at Smack Dab Manteo in Kelowna, BC.

Crazy good food and Craft Beer take second stage to Smack Dab’s patio. With 150 seats, the patio is probably the finest lakeside dining experience in the entire province. So get your ass down to Smack Dab, order a craft beer from the likes of Phillip’s Brewing, Crannog Ales, Deschutes, Fernie Brewing, Firehall Brewing, Mt. Begbie, Cannery Brewing, Tin Whistle Brewing, Driftwood or Steamworks. Then, find a perfect spot on the patio and enjoy!

Smack Dab Manteo's 150 seat patio
Nowhere better to enjoy craft beer in Kelowna than Smack Dab’s lakeside patio overlooking Okanagan Lake.

And yes, Smack Dab makes fantastic fish tacos (Fish Tacones on the menu). And you all know that there is not a better food item that goes with craft beer than fish tacos!

Kelowna's Smack Dab and Fish Tacos with Craft Beer!
Enjoy Smack Dab’s Fish Tacos with your Craft Beer on the patio.

Mission Tap House – Crafting a Better Beer Experience in Kelowna, BC

The Craft Beer Revolution is taking hold in the BC Interior, finally. The newest addition to the scene in Kelowna is the Mission Tap House & Grill. With 20 taps of craft beer (well one tap of Sapporo, and 19 taps of craft), this is Kelowna’s new hot spot for craft beer and upscale pub experience.

Mission Tap Club

Located at 3110 Lakeshore Drive, Kelowna, BC. Mission Tap House is Kelowna’s Premier Craft Beer hotspot.

Craft Beer drinkers can also rejoice as their are multiple IPA taps finally. IPA is the style of choice by craft beer geeks. The Mission Tap House currently offers Driftwood Brewing’s Fat Tug IPA (from Victoria, BC) and Lagunitas IPA (from California). Also on tap is Dales Pale Ale form Oskar Blues Brewing which is one of our favorite Pale Ales of all time. Other selections include local selections from Tree Brewing.

Mission Tap Club in Kelowna IPAs on Tap

Lagunitas IPA and Driftwood Fat Tug IPA are on tap at Kelowna’s Mission Tap House

The Mission Tap House also serves up some great food including Cevice Fish Tacos! We all know that nothing goes better with craft beer than fish tacos and the Tap House offers a unique twist on the fish taco. That’s all that needs to be said, just head over to Lakeshore Drive and sip a craft beer and pair it with a fish taco or other menu item. Cheers!

Kelowna's Mission Tap House serves Cevice Fish Tacos

Stop in for craft beer and try the fish tacos at Kelowna’s Mission Tap House.

Big Rock Night in Kelowna, BC = Big Taste!

Several weeks ago, while enjoying a beer at Cabana Grille in Kelowna, I chanced upon Dave, the local Sales Representative for Big Rock Brewery in the BC Interior. We had a short discussion on Big Rock beers and exchanged business cards. The following week, Dave calls and invites me to a very special Brewmasters Dinner hosted at Cabana Grill, featuring Big Rock Beers!

Big Rock is one of those semi-mainstream beers that I usually have passed up when stocking my beer fridge, but I was to learn a lot about the company this fine evening and regain my appreciation for their place in the craft beer world here in Western Canada. Brewmaster, Paul Gautreau, was on hand to describe the beers paired with each course of dinner. Paul also gave an insight into some of the new beers being brewed this year at Big Rock.

The Crowd Assembles in anticipation of great food and beer pairing at Cabana Grille.

The Crowd Assembles in anticipation of great food and beer pairing at Cabana Grille.

Paul enlightened me and the rest of the crowd on the history of craft beer in Western Canada, the importance of flavor and the appreciation of style and character in a wide spectrum of beers. What better way to experience this than an evening of beer and food pairing at one of Kelowna’s premier dining spots.

The Thursday night event began at 6PM with open pours of several Big Rock Beers. The bar at Cabana filled up with local liquor store and restaurant/pub owners/managers from around the Okanagan Valley.

After a few pints, Chef April Roy from Cabana Grille, introduced her first course. Crab Cake Schnitzel, Saaz Beurre Blanc, Citrus Vanilla Infusion, Picked Carrots and Lime Pearls! Wow!! The fantastic dish was paired nicely with Big Rock’s Saaz Republic Pilz beer. The Saaz Republic Pilz offers a distinct but mild bitterness on the front end followed by a slight hop middle and a clean, refreshing finish. The beer paired perfectly with April’s creation!

The second course consisted of Turkey Meatball with Ale and Horseradish Village Cheese Fondue and wrapped neatly with an Apple Chip. Big Rock Traditional Ale was served with this dish and again Chef April nailed the pairing! And if you haven’t tried Village Cheese Company‘s selection of cheeses, do check them out whenever you are in Armstrong, BC.

Cabana Grille's Turkey Meatball Course

Cabana Grille’s Turkey Meatball Course

The Third Course was served with Big Rock Helles Bock, coincidentally brewed to 6.66%ABV. Chef April gave us a Choucroute Spicy Pork Belley, Bauernwurst, Riesling Sauerkraut, Green Beans and Helles Bock Gastrique. Fantastic pairing again, with the food and beer bringing out the flavors of each other.

The Main Course at tonight's Big Rock Brewmasters Dinner.

The Main Course at tonight’s Big Rock Brewmasters Dinner.

Dessert was served as Scottish Ale Ice Cream with a Chili Sugar Cookie, Maple Toffee Crunch, Malt Beignet and a Plum Spice Reduction. Served with Big Rock’s Scottish Style Heavy Ale which balances toffee, caramel and vanilla, a perfect companion to the dessert.

I thank Big Rock Brewery and Dave for the opportunity to take in this fine evening. I have been re-introduced to the key values of craft beer of all styles. Cabana Grille offers six Big Rock Beers on tap so definitely belongs on the map of Craft Beer Friendly establishments in Kelowna. And after tasting Chef April Roy’s creations, Cabana Grille surely is amongst the city’s top culinary destinations. What a great combination!